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Unless I get to do some learnin’ real quick, I think I’m going to submit logomancer-style. Step back, folks…

What, possibly breaking the rules with those black (or semitransparent) bars? 😉

Oh, and on an semi-unrelated note, here’s a little more of a teaser for my own photos: They aren’t general snapshots (well, maybe one of them is, though I’m planning to crop it into shape), but specific and targeted styles that I do from time to time. You’re going to see a side of one Mike Ball that you’ve never seen before…

PPS: How come the html doesn’t kick in? How does one post imgs here?

Unfotunately, you’re doing it wrong: With phpbb and that photo, you need to type in: “[img][/img]” (just copy and paste that; you’ll be fine without the bold in the “img” sections) and you’re good to go.

That said, here’s the image you wanted to display:

P.S. With your image as is, I have to pixel peep to the bottom left to see an obvious black border, so the effect’s rather worthless.