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Actually I was wondering that myself. Some film styles could be emulated in digital, but probably would need heavy photo editing work. I’d hate for it to just become a PS contest, but I’m also wondering if relaxing the rules a bit for this one might make sense…

Should one interpret “with as little alteration as possible” to fit how much alteration was done in the original photographer’s style?

Depending on the style, it may not be like the orignial stylist took their shot straight out of the camera, either- or Adams would have, instead, published his famous Wallet-Sized Reference Card, “The Print.” (Included free, no doubt, in the liner notes of his longer, bound works…) I’d think I’d want to do some extra work on skies, etc. if I were trying to do his style than I would do for my own.

Then again, if I were shooting “in the style of a Washington Post photographer,” it’d be pretty much no Post-Processing, just about all of it camera angle.