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But alas, they were all shot with a crappy 35mm point and shoot camera, and the resolution of the (almost certainly plastic) lens would make Adams spin in his grave

Nor will a technically brilliant but soulless photo win.

Oh I absolutely agree with you there. The Yosemite photos in question are neither technically brilliant nor filled with soul, and there’s only so much that post-processing can help in that case 😉

Oh, and speaking of wins, congratulations on your “Cute Kids” contest victory! No need for a recount, as you ran away with the title this time…

Thank you! This was my first win on my own–I tied for first with EncyclopediaGalactica on the Words theme–so I was excited. Hubby didn’t think that one would do well because of the wide angle distortion, and he suggested entering a different photo altogether. But I figured it was quirky enough that it might get some votes. Sweeter words I never heard out of his mouth on Thursday:

“I stand corrected…”