Re: Re: Green so soon!


Just like you all to know the thread has already posted to the main page as of 8:10 PM. 8)

That sound you’re hearing is a hundred Fark Freebies cheering.

I was checking this forum on the Treo in the passenger seat of an 80 MPH Hyundai going from MD to NH when I saw that it already went green. Asked the missus to pull over in the next rest stop where I got the laptop out of the trunk. We get going again and I set the thing up, hook it to the Treo, get online, get to Fark, find my pic on my site, submit my sole entry and wipe my hands on my pants.

I say ‘there’ triumphantly and she wonders aloud whether I take this Farktography thing just a little too seriously.

FWIW I went against everything I stood for in the past and submitted a B&W pic. The shame!