Re: Re: When do you vote?


Just got home from work and posted my three pics, and I see there’s already 230-something posts ahead of mine. Seeing this and the “I’m impressed” post from pre-11PM last night makes me wonder exactly how up against a wall Fark Freebie folks like me are.

Do you TFers vote before going to bed, possibly before the contest even hits Fark Cheapskate’s front page, and not go back? Do you wait till first thing in the morning and never go back, or do you check in at night and then revisit later when the cheapskates have a chance to participate and see if they contributed anything worth voting for?

Personally, I vote once Thursday Morning and then maybe again in the afternoon.

If you look at the FSM‘s “Total Votes Per Theme” report, you can see the beakdown of voting for entries posted before and after the mainpage listing time. It gives you a feel for the how votes skew.

An earlier incarnation of the FSM performed an analysis of the top-three vote getters relative to mainpage listing. Almost all the time, the top-three went to entries posted before the mainpage listing (TF’er entries). Here’s a dated version of that analysis:


Regression analysis also revealed that there is a definite correlation between earlier posting and votes received. Not a super strong correlation, but it is there.

All that said, I echo staplermofo‘s sentiment: I like your stuff and encourage you to continue. If nothing else, the FSM’s “Spotlight On” feature is participation-based: the more you enter, the more likely you are to get the Spotlight.