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    How about a 50/50 split between Save the Tatas and NILMDTS. That way we have photo-related for us, boobies for the fark plug, and it’s not too diluted.


    In view of kestrana’s points (all valid), the one that ticks the most boxes is MSF.


    FWIW, all the charities suggested sounds deserving to me. So if this is going to some sort of decide by participant votes place, I’ll defer to the majority.


    I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but I thought I would weigh in anyway. I like the idea of a photography or arts based charity. My vote is for the International League of Conservation Photographers and Child’s Play. Although I wouldn’t complain about a donation to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.


    I’m all for the International League of Conservation Photographers.

    I wish I would have suggested this before…

    They’re based out of Cleveland but I think they have branches elsewhere. They set up family portrait shoots for kids with cancer. The camera store and photo lab where I work has dealt with them.


    Wow, I like that charity, cameraflage. Honestly, looking at NILMDTS and how they’re run, Flashes of Hope looks like it actually gives more money toward research as well as the photo sessions. From the friends of mine who do NILMDTS, I think they volunteer their time and also provide the photos, so I’m not sure what the organization actually pays for other than their 3 staff members and “education” on the pay forums for volunteer photogs. It looks like Flashes of Hope pays for framed prints and makeup artists for the kids’ photo shoots as well as cancer research. I think I might want to change my vote; need some clarification from my NILMDTS friends on what kind of coordination and funding structure there is….


    How about B4U-ACT?
    It’s vaguely photography and internet related, and it’s for a group of people I think we’re all profoundly sympathetic to. I’m sure the late Garry Gross would approve.


    I’d vote for the Conservation one and the Flashes of Hope sounds good too. Kestrana’s points are all well made and I’ll be happy with whatever is chosen.


    Just a suggestion. What about something like ORBIS or Helen Keller International, both charities trying to prevent avoidable blindness in developing countries? We could use our eyes behind the cameras to help improve the sight of others.


    thanks for the suggestion!

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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