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i don’t know what you’re printing with, but i disagree. i get beautiful prints from my printer, and i would never trust walmart/target/sam’s club with anything other than snapshots.

but that is just me, and what the heck do i know about anyone else’s printing needs. 🙂

Well, part of that may be because you’re not looking at the prints very closely. Maybe I’ve just become jaded because of all the crap I have to scan because of my job, but I can spot an inket print just by glancing at it. (The really high-end $50,000 inkjet printers do a pretty good job, but I doubt that’s what you’re talking about.) Also — try scanning an inkjet print sometime. (It’s even better if you can get the same photo printed on silver for comparison). Notice the compressed histogram? It’s that way because the tonal range is nowhere near as wide as that of silver. And look at all those little dots! Also, again, unless you’re using archival inks and paper, your inkjet prints won’t last more than a few years without fading. Not a big deal if you’re sticking it on the fridge, but a really big deal if you’re selling it to someone for $50.