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BTW, the OLYMPUS E-500 is a 4/3 type camera. That is a new format based on a smaller than 35mm sensor. There is no 35mm equivalent of this camera. Hence no used 35mm lenses either.

So when they say full frame it is a bit misleading. All 4/3 cameras are full frame for the 4/3 format. Full frame in the 35mm based DSLR means the sensor is the same size as a 35mm negative. This one is smaller.

The size is actually 18×13.5 versus 36×24 for a full frame 35mm.

My Pentax is 23.5×15.7 Canon and Nikon reduced frame cameras are similar. So if you are one who believes in large sensors, then this may not be the best camera for you.

Its not a big deal really. The 4/3 system was desgned from the ground up for that sensor size, so there indeed advantages. Smaller body, lense etc.