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Not sure how long I can get away with being a total newbie.

I’m not much of an artsy person, my next move would probably be good to get a dictionary of artsy or artsy-like terms. When I think “still life” I think of a picture/painting of a bowl of fruit. Looked at the submissions before mine and realized still life can be pretty much anything?

I was gonna throw all our old cell phones (and we got a bunch) in a fruit bowl and take pics of that, but figured for a first-time, and a subject I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around, I wung it and saved the great inspiration for a future contest where I have a better idea of what’s expected and/or what’s proper.

Oops, I meant to reply to this last week. I still wish I had put a better decription up for the theme.

It’s a little late now but I would have told you to go with your gut; I think your cell phones in a bowl would have been a great take on the theme 🙂 . I didn’t realize until I actually sat down to take my photos of how many ways the theme could have been interpreted.

I thought it all turned out fabulous in the end though.