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Never saw your site before the change

Don’t care for the flash galleries. Seems to take a long time to load and to me it doesn’t seem to do the job of letting me find a pic I want to look at and view that pic in all its glory.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned but still nothing beats a page of thumbnails linked to big pictures. For my (cough cough) photography site I just tell Picasa to make me that, it does it in about a minute and it’s simple as anything, no brains required to make or view.

Your site looks more professional, but when it comes to actually looking at pictures I’ll take 1996 over 2005 any day.

Here’s what I see:

First off I don’t know if it’s a web server thing or what but I took that screen shot at 4:41, it’s now 4:46 and it’s still “Waiting for….”, not sure what’s up with that.

But as a casual viewer I can only see thumbnails of half of five pictures. I don’t want to sit through a slide show, I like to pick and choose. Assuming there’s more than five pics in the entire gallery, I have no idea what else might be in there. And of the five thumbnails, I don’t even really know what their full-size counterparts might be because I can only see their top halves. There’s no scroll bars, no slidey things, no hints that there might be five pics or five hundred.

On the other hand there’s this

You can’t get any more bare basic, but you see thumbnails on the left, a visually unpleasing scroll bar so you can see all the thumbnails, and then there’s a big picture in the main frame (frames?! ewwww but they get the job done here). Yah it doesn’t have the fancy percent counter showing the big picture getting loaded, but the picture does load fairly quickly and that’s kinda an important thing with a photography site.

Farbeit from me to tell the professionals what to do, but hopefully you can just fiddle with a couple things with your new site and fix the problems mentioned above without having to scrap it and start over. And hopefully you’ll take the above as the constructive criticism it was submitted as.

PS 4:57 and still “Waiting for…”