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Love cars!

Pictures look great to me, I’ve been pretending to be a motorsports photographer for a few years now (short track NASCAR stuff) but have always been a sports car person who did some autocrossing many years ago though I’m looking to get back into it this summer.

Anyway if I were to nitpick the pics you submitted the only real weak point I see is with the resizing/compression, the pics seem kinda jaggy and the colors aren’t always smooth, both probably a result of the processes to get the pics down to a manageable size. If you got the pics down to say 800×600 and kept the filesize around 100k they’d probably look a whole lot better.

I like the way you shot the event, though. Lots of angles, got both cars and people, gave a real good feel for the event. Saw some fuzzy shots, mostly those that were shot at the rear of the car as it was going away from you, and I can’t ever get those right either so I hardly ever try anymore.

Can’t give much advice hardware-wise. I had been using a 4-year old Olympus but that went belly-up this past fall so now I have a Nikon D100 to play with. I want to spring for a bigger lens than the 28-70mm that’s on it now but will wait till after the first chance I get to shoot at a track to decide what I need and how badly I need it.

PS loved the Elise! Gotta find out how to get my hands on one of those someday.