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Right now I’m kind of just researching and trying to figure out which is better for me. I think $1000ish CDN is the maximum I’ll be willing to go at this point, although more is doable it would mean saving up for longer.

Two things I’m worried about with digital (aside from the storage issues…) which have me still sticking with film are the actual colour tones from a digital camera and the pixelation for resizing. I’m assuming that if I want prints I can take the memory card to a photo shop and just give them the numbers, else the cost of buying a high-quality printer/ink/paper would be prohibitive.

Regarding the colour…I’ve not seen a digital image that has as true a representation as a film-based one. Perhaps I’ve been seeing images from poor quality cameras, I’m not sure. Digital images also seem to lack a kind of “warmth” that film ones have, though I’m not entirely sure if that’s my imagination playing the romantic.

If I want to blow up an image to 8×10, 11×14, or larger, I don’t want to have the image become too pixellated. Obviously, this isn’t a concern with film, but with digital it may be. How well do digital images enlarge?

I do enjoy shooting in black & white, though perhaps a digital colour image stripped to grayscale would work. I’ve not tried it.