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If I want to blow up an image to 8×10, 11×14, or larger, I don’t want to have the image become too pixellated. Obviously, this isn’t a concern with film, but with digital it may be. How well do digital images enlarge?

I do enjoy shooting in black & white, though perhaps a digital colour image stripped to grayscale would work. I’ve not tried it.

i use the channel mixer to switch to b/w from color – you have more control over the tones that way. if you just change the color space to b/w your image generally comes out looking flat.

an image that i converted using the channel mixer – it’s just snapshots, but i think it came out pretty well.

and just about everything on that site and my other were shot digitally.

i print from my 20D up to 20×30 (i think, i don’t remember the final size of the big ones for sure – damn big, i know that) and they look pretty damn good (from a 24 mb orig. file). you have to up the file size in stages, not just jump from the orig. to 20×30 at 300 dpi. i increase 10% at a time and it seems to work out pretty well.

whatever you decide – enjoy!!! SLR’s are so fun!!!