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Drew is everything he’s cracked up to be and more.
He’s friendly, patient, insightful, charming, hilarious, he remembers stuff about you (like that I called into a radio show he was on months ago); very down to earth and awesome. He’s also the only person not to whine about my flash.
(why people stare right into the flash then complain about being blinded is beyond me… Do they do this with the sun when I’m not around?)

The party was much crazier in person, it was totally packed.

And the guy posed naked because I was asking people to pose sexually with a stapler. Most of the time they’ll shove it down their pants or stick their tongue out suggestively at it, he went to a bathroom stall, dropped his pants and did what you see in the picture. He’s a really nice guy that goes to Burning Man, if that helps it make more sense.

If you’ve never been to one, fark parties are worth going to even if you have to travel out of state.

Anybody going to the Texas BBQ fark party?