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I have a Canon so things aren’t the same, but I have a 70-300mm that I absolutely love.

It looks a lot like this:;jsessionid=1544bf6114aef4a/shopdata/0020_Lenses/0010_Zoom/0040_Tele+Zoom/product_details.shopscript?article=0550_Tamron%2BZoom%2BTelephoto%2B70-300mm%2Bf%3D26slash%3D3B4-5%3D252E6%2BLD%2BMacro%2B1%3D3A2%2BAutofocus%2BLens%2Bfor%2BNikon%2BAF-D%2B%3D28TA70300F45NI%3D29

But for Canon, not Nikon. It should be pretty much the same lens, though I wouldn’t stake my life on it.