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a secret link to the stapler pr0n, of course!

1890-1910….sepia? only not uniform sepia, more as if it had been in the sun and faded unevenly….could also get an old photo from an antique store, scan it, and use its blemishes and spots via photoshop.

20’s – flapper costume! high waisted pants and spats! ummm….great depression, dustbowl, prohibition….short wavy hair and feathers….ok…i know staplers don’t have hair….urrr…

60’s-70’s – i think it’s red (?) that fades from color photographs first (or maybe it’s blue…dangit) – you could take a color shot and take down the red (or blue) levels in photoshop to give it that ‘old’ feeling…tie dye, tight jeans, fringe, sansabelt slacks……

congrats on the job!