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i think HDR done right produces a beautiful piece of art. the only issue i had with it with regards to farktography is that you’re combining more than one photo into the contents of a single. that could be interpreted as being against the rules. and i echo what monkeybort said about significant alteration.

but did love your HDR photos chakalakasp, they’re very well done.

Thanks veruca! The thing about HDR is that there really *is* no original photo — the HDR image is an algorithmic blend of several exposures of the same scene. The scene is still a temporally whole event, though; if anything changes in between frames, it shows up in the final (much like things that move during a long exposure show up during the final.) It’s a bit of a nuanced topic, as it boils down to the philosophy of photography and sorta forces you to see the medium in regards to the end, not the means. Most people agree that Ansel Adams was pretty awesome-sauce and few would call him a trickster with his photography, but much of what Ansel Adams shot would be disqualified from Farktography strictly because of the darkroom methods that he used. Ansel often attempted his own “HDR” by splicing togather multiple exposures of the same scene. If Ansel were around today, I shudder to think of the insanely awesome things he’d be doing with digital photography right now.

So, what’s the final word? No HDR? HDR? If I don’t hear anything, I’ll post an HDR photo tomorrow night but clearly label it so and then let the mods kill it or remove voting if you guys want. It’s one of the portraits that I’m more fond of. Thanks!