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Description: pictures of snow and or ice or both
Thanks to DrewsMom & kmmontandon for this week’s theme.

you’d think with all the snow we’ve gotten this year so far (almost 300 inches) that i’d have more pictures of it.

but nope. all except two were taken within the last 3 days.

That’s kind of funny considering 😛
Mine were taken in a 3-day span; two from the weekend we went to the mountains to play in the snow and one from the weekend it snowed at my house.
I envy you Monkey, I wish it would snow here just a little more often.

oh, i LOVE the snow. i think it’s just that there is SO MUCH of it, that it doesn’t strike me so much anymore. it’s hard for something to be catching your eye when it is everywhere you look. 🙂

if i have time tonight i’ll post some shots of my street/neighborhood at night – we are fully snowed in. 😮