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Was curious which printing services are good for high quality photo printing. I have an Epson R200 for home use (pics on the ‘fridge and such) and have used Snapfish for ages. Now a couple of friends from back home have requested prints and I’d like them to stand the test of time.

Any suggestions?

While I don’t know much about the R200 series, which coincidentally, somebody was asking about a few weeks ago — I do know that the Epson R800 and the newer R1800 use archival quality pigment inks as opposed to dye inks in a special 8 color process. These inks are apparently rated to 104 years under normal lighting conditions and 200 years under the absence of light, assuming you use acid free archival papers that won’t sabotage your expensive inks. Nobody ever found out if the inks and/or cartridges for the R1800 were backwards compatible to the rest of the series

I’ve been pleased with the few scans I’ve sent to AdoramaPix. AdoramaPix uses Noritsu QSS-31 laser transfer printers (which expose standard papers via a laser scanning system) on Ilford papers.

Off to do some research to see if I can use those ink tanks. What I really like about my Epson is the 6 individual tanks. However, I’ve noticed fading on a couple of ‘fridge photos already.

Thanks a lot for the overview 🙂