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1. How do you make things look like they’re on display? I’d like a uniform solution that would work with staplers of all sizes (roughly 5cm to 100cm). Is that even practical?

When I did my Eggs-Perimental photoshoot, I built a very simple “lightbox” out of a rectangular cardboard box, a brick, a black t-shirt, a white t-shirt and a plastic milk bottle.

I cut two holes in the box – one on a long end (for the light source) and one on a short end (for the lens). Over the light-source hole, I put a cutout from the milk bottle (for a light diffuser). Opposite the lens-hole, I put down the brick and then put either a black or white t-shirt over the brick and the part of the box that would be in the frame. I got a shoplight to shine through the diffuser.

Then I put the eggs on the shirt-covered brick, closed the box so the only light was coming through my diffuser and shot away (I actually put my wedding ring on the brick under the shirt to act as an egg holder).

If I did it again, I’d probably cover the inside of the box with black felt (or other flocking material) to better control the internal reflections).