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Hi. I was fooling around with some polarizers and my LCD when I noticed I could do this:

There’s a linear polarizer on the camera blocking out light from the lcd, then a circular polarizer in my hand sneaking light in. What on earth is going on and how can I use this weirdness to my advantage?

(sorry for the low quality, I’m tired, drunk and impatient)

From what I read, a cicular polarizer is a regualr polarizer plus a secondary layer to de-polarize the light. The light that reaches the camera is supposed to be evenly split between vertical and horizonally polarized light as not to mess with the filters.

So what you are seeing is half the light from the LCD.

Basically, you have rotated the cicular polarizer so that its aligned with the polarized light of the LCD. IE, its not blocking anything. Now, the second layer is changing the polarization of some of the light. Thats what gets through the linear polarizer. From my reading it should be half of the LCD approximately. Assuming a lot of crap.

Probably the best example of how a circular polarizer works.