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of course. i’m just really excited about it!!! and have no problem with my address being available. i think that when it gets to the implementation stage you (we) should include a sheet of paper with the participants names/addresses on it, and then as we send the camera on to the next person we make a note of the frame # that we shot so we can match faces with places when it gets posted. of course, if we mail it in order, figuring out frames should be pretty simple.

oh god yes! we have to keep at least *that* organised ;o)

if people post here that they’re *in* then we can keep track of the list of locations and mail it from closest place to next closest place, if that makes sense.

It really wouldn’t be that hard to implement a kind of system similar to the Fark “Secret Santa” where you only know the person you’re sending it to and nobody else.

But I’m in, too, regardless. 🙂