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hmmm….just realized that you maybe weren’t offering – i certainly didn’t mean to trap you into doing it anything!!


// 😳

No, no, I’m certainly offering. It really wouldn’t take that much time, and it would be fun to track it across the world. As an example, everybody adds their address. When they receive the camera, they hit a link (with an e-mail to the previous sender letting them know they’ve gotten it, and to them with the address of the next person). And when they’ve sent it on, they hit another (with an e-mail to the next person letting them know it’s on its way). That way we can track the Farkamera.

It’s just another layer of fun for everyone. 😉 That being said, if we want to stick to the pencil and paper, that’s cool with me too — just because I’m offering, I don’t want people to feel they’re obligated to go with such a plan.

that would be great! please go ahead and do it when you have time?

should we mention the project in this week’s thread?