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The rumors are that the 20D replacement may show up at the PMA show in February but I’m thinking more like Photokina in the fall. I know the D200 is built solid, but I’m not sure the 20d needs fixing, at least picture-wise. Maybe the new camera will be built like the EOS3.

Too bad about your Minolta gear, I thought they were the only ones who nailed the ergonomics. I hated getting rid of my 600si.

Nah, a 20D built like the EOS3 would cost another $600. The EOS3 is built like a tank. You can take that baby into the Sahara desert for a week and not get sand in it. I think it’s even designed to be rained on for a little while.

What I’d love to see is a cheap-built camera like the 20D with a full frame sensor. If the 20D had a full frame sensor and a spot meter, it would be the only 35mm camera I would ever need.