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Too bad about your Minolta gear, I thought they were the only ones who nailed the ergonomics. I hated getting rid of my 600si.

Tell me about it. My Maxxum 7 fit me like a glove. I went from an x-370 to Maxxum 7000 and 9000 bodies, the 9xi and finally the 7. I was always Minolta’s lone cheerleader around here. I loved their hardware, their meters and theie ergos. So I waited…and waited…and waited and I thought to myself that such a long wait would surely unleash such a feat of Minolta wierdness and fine engineering on the market that it would strike Canon and Nikon dumb. Then, there it was! The Maxxum 7D, the camera of yesterday today! Sheesh, a four year wait for a camera that was less capable than the 10D and the 20D was on the market already. I sold the 7 (and I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t cry a little when I shipped it away) and traded all my Minolta glass for a new tattoo. I went Canon and never looked back.