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Nah, a 20D built like the EOS3 would cost another $600. The EOS3 is built like a tank. You can take that baby into the Sahara desert for a week and not get sand in it. I think it’s even designed to be rained on for a little while.

But that’s why I loved the 3. 😀 1-level build without all the weight and price. Since I shoot dirt racetracks in the summer, I would want the dust/water seals. But I’m not sure it would be that much more though; Canon introduced the 20D for the same price as the 10D.

Are you talking about a Rebel-like camera with a 5D sensor? T’would be interesting for sure.

What I don’t understand is that when the Contax N digital came out it was full frame and 6MP. Why did we have to go with APS-C sensors? I would think it costs less to develop the battery technology….