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All I’m doing with them is sending them to Photomax to be printed or putting them into a video presentation. Nothing major.

I’ve noticed that when I upload pictures to the web, most times my sharp images appear soft online. I didn’t know if raise the dpi would help that or not.

when you’re posting things to the web, you generally change the ppi to 72, right? interpolating 10% at a time may help reduce some of the fuzziness. In photoshop, you can change the settings to decrease the size by %, instead of by inches. If you just go down 10% at a time until you get the file size you want, it helps maintain the image integrity. if you do it all at once, photoshop is throwing out a ton of pixels at a whack instead of just a few at a time. If it can do a few at a time, it generally makes better choices.

i’d leave the resolution at 300 or so if you’re getting them printed.