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I’ve been thinking about the cross-over. It is a meta-vision and I’m struggling with an actual vision.

There seemed to be enthusiatic support for it over on the FPAEF, along with some pretty good advise on what makes a good candidate for shopping:

1) Focus, focus, focus. It is very important to have an all-over sharp photo – that makes it easier for the ‘shoppers to mix-and-match elements.

2) The subject fully in frame

3) The photojournalistic F8-and-Be-There (whatever that means…)

With those in mind, we could select a decent theme that fits those, let everyone know that this is the cross-over thread and then toss the winner and the runners-up over to the ‘shoppers. We’d probably want to “advertise” heavily to entice people to vote (since the ‘shoppers would have a vested interest).

I’m thinking that a repeat of “Teh Funnay” could work – the ‘shoppers could make it funnier. Maybe something as vague as “Focus people, focus!”. Or “Crowds”. Or even “F8 and Be There” (journalistic-style photos – photos of events).

TFer Ike meantioned that a photo that is intended to be shopped kind of kills the thrill of shopping, but then he backed away from that statement once he checked out the Farktography Forum. Still, I think he has a point.

How about bouncing this around a bit? Who else has some ideas for the cross-over?