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Ooooh opinionated, creative people come out come out wherever you are.

I got 50% of that covered, so here’s my half-@$$ed plan-for-execution (again):

A. pick a photoshop friendly theme and add additional “rules” based on what the ‘shoppers suggested (e.g. focus,
B. advert the heck out of the contest by telling the FPAEF about it
C. run the contest
D. submit the top-three winners as a Photoshop-contest proposal using the normal link-submission thingie
E. convince the powers that be to greenlight that submission.

I think that we’re stuck on A. So, I suggest “Focus People Focus”. I’ll make a formal suggestion over in the appropriate forum

I would go as far as to say this would be the perfect theme since it’s exactly what the photoshoppers asked for. I’m comfortable in saying let’s go for it.