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Are they coming with any type of warranty and/or from a respectable dealer?

They come with a 90-day warranty from Nikon and $400 seems to be a pretty easy price to find; buydig, digitalfotoclub, beachcamera, etc all have it at that price, so I’m pretty sure I can trust the dealers.

It’s just that $500~$650 is a lot of money for me to be plunking down on something I don’t need, so I’d like to be as informed as possible about the possible problems I would encounter getting a used camera (or just a D-SLR itself, for that matter).

If the previous owner was a cheeto-addicted slob, could I ever get it un-oranged?
Do the contacts for the batteries and memory card corrode faster than a Yugo in Detroit?
Might the firmware destroy itself in a violent schizophrenic outburst?
Will I need to clean the CCD? Will it dramatically degrade image quality if I twitch at the wrong time when cleaning it?

You know, the million little doubts your mature side fills you with when you won’t listen to it yammer on about financial responsibility.