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The way I see it, the Farktography Greenlight Time is the flip-side of what I first noticed with the Photoshop contests. I call it the Farkenberg Uncertainty Principle: Before a contest hits the main page, liters can never know both the theme of a contest AND the greenlight time at the same time.

All Photoshoppers know when the contests will hit – the queue is right there – but only TFers know the theme.

Farktographers got the opposite situation – we know the theme due to, but we don’t know when it will be posted to the main page. Only TFers know both.

I spent some time analyzing the post time of a particular entry versus the number of votes it garnered. In general (and for the top 40 vote getters), there is a slight correlation – the earlier the post, the more votes. But it is a very slight correlation for the sample size of 40.

When I took a look at the finish position (1st, 2nd, 3rd) for a given contest, there seems to be a strong correlation between posting before the greenlight time and making it into the winner’s circle.

I’ve got charts for both of these (because, see, I’m a geek). I’ll try to post them later tonight.

I see this as some of the sugar a TF subscription brings, assuming one finds large vote-counts “sweet”.