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For this sample set, the hypothesis (“Early posting garners more votes”) is likely to be false. The “p” value is a measure of the confidence in the correlation. Lower p’s mean that there is less likely to be an error. Statisticians think that a p < 0.05 is a good value (if I recall my stats classes correctly).

Could it be as simple as “early posts are near the top of the page and therefore everybody sees them”?

Yeah, when you post late, some of the top pics already have 20 or more votes. That’s a lot to catch up to. Some people will return to the thread and vote for new entries but a whole lot won’t.

I’m just hoping greenlight time will get moved forward far enough so I can post before leaving for work; I have no net access at work and with the commute included, it adds a good 10 hours to the time before I can post if, like yesterday, the thread hits the main page just after I’ve gone out!