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I think anything over 700 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall/long will be automagically rejected by Fark, so keep it under that. I usually just go no more than 600-675 on the longest side myself, also at 72dpi like monkeybort, and I save at whatever percentage gets me close to 50k.

As for your GIMP question, I use GIMP, but I’m not exactly sure what it is you’re referring to when you say “flash washout.” Do you mean the harsh flash “look”? Are you talking about overexposure? Quite a lot can be done with the levels, curves, and contrast/brightness controls, though I think probably the best way to avoid the flash “look” is to either not use flash or to bounce it if you can off the ceiling, wall, or a flash attachment. I can’t really say much more about software solutions until I know exactly what you’re asking/referring to, though.