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I wouldn’t say you are SOL. I like the pic so I put it in Photoshop Elements and tweeked it a little. Keep in mind that my monitor is an 11 year old Gateway2000 CrystalScan and that I don’t know what those birds are supposed to look like. You’re so lucky to see them in your backyard by the way! Anyhoo… I cropped out quite a bit of the table because it was shiny, but also because I really love the bird in flight (Awesome catch!) and thought it should be more prominent. I also used the shadows and highlight tool and used 61 on the darken highlight, +12 midtones, and 0 on the lighten shadows. Under the adjust color tool I reduced the saturation 22. I think it helped, but like I said, I have monitor issues. Here is what I came up with: