Reply To: FSM Ratings


Maybe you could weight them based on the percentage of the votes they get in relation to the competition and the size of the competition.

Here’s a practical example:
Let’s say 3 people enter a contest. staplermofo got first place with 150 votes and 2nd and 3rd got 15 and 10 votes respectively. staplermofo would be weighted 3 (# of contestants +1 -position) x10, the untalented schmuck that paled in his glory and came in 2nd would get 2 x1.5, and the loser would get 1 x 1.
That way it would factor in the difference of an unholy whomping, and the size of the competition. It’s horribly crude and ugly, but you see what I’m getting at.

I’d also like know the mean, median and the standard deviation for each voting, and my average deviation from them expressed in both raw and standard deviation form.
I’d also like you to quit your job, shut out your family and work on this full time for no compensation what-so-ever.

I’m not crazy about anything that might encourage people not to participate for fear of ruining their records, though I don’t really know how to avoid it.