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But with the title “on all fours”, well…is there a line somewhere? Seals don’t have legs that they stand on. Birds are borderline; do wings count?

The only person who could really say is Cuddlebutt/ScreamingInDigital who was the originator of this contest a year and some months ago.

See I don’t know. We’ve had similar situations where the title suggests something while the description suggests something slightly more or less inclusive. I tend to go more with the description if there’s a descrepancy, though that’s just me. I could see an argument against birds, but seals have 4 appendages that they do waddle around on when on land (plus they are mammals with hair/fur, though the description says furless animals count). Also, since the original description says kangaroos count (and they walk/hop on 2 legs primarily), I’d have to think seals would work.

But you’re right that only Cuddlebutt/SID could answer for sure as to what the intent was. Unfortunately, even that might not mean much when it comes to voting, given that some voters just vote for whatever without even reading the description or theme…