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Thank you. By no means am I recruiting, I will not contact anyone here unless they beg me to. I’m not here to gather more photographers.

Well, the policy is somewhere along the lines of allowing the company to act as your agent for two years. You can still sell the photos as long as its not to a competitor. The photos sell for flat rates, and I believe the photographer takes away 70%. This might be the most controversial point, however lawyers seem to like strong language… I’ve always been posessive of my photography, personally, I would be ok selling some regular shots, so long as I got to keep the rights to them.

It seems what sells well, although we are just a startup at the moment, are the basic images like macro shots and extreme sports type photos. It is hard to predict what a designer will want. It seems that we have an over abundance of flowers and scenery, however.

There is also a liberal policy regarding content, there is stuff that has been approved that I might consider racy. I’m no prude, but who knows how the general public gets offended these days.

As for risks and hassels, I just don’t know. Knowing the company and the boss, litigation would probably never happen unless you are stealing another photographer’s work…

I’m really trying not to turn this into an advertisement. I’m just a curious party and thank you all so much for the responses.