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Your greasy-grub shot is great and will gather gobs of glory.

Thanks, sir. Maybe, but I guess that means you’ll end up, what, Top 5?

As for my Far East shots, I’m just lucky to have spent 10+ months traveling internationally over the past year-and-a-half. (And I wasn’t really into photography before then.)

Then you’re a natural. I thought that you had done this a lot longer, for at least a decade…

Thanks for the compliment!

There are some really excellent photos this week, though; I highly doubt any of my shots will even make the top 10 or 15, and if one of them does it will be undeserved. *I* wouldn’t even vote for my shots this week! I do like the “Breakfast in Yushu” photo, but the one I really wanted to submit had the guy in blue completely photoshopped out of the pic:
(I don’t usually alter my photos like that, but I got completely carried away with that one.)

Your “Permit Parking Only” photo gives me some pretty intense flashbacks of living in NYC and having to deal with the early-morning parking nightmares associated with owning a car there!