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So…should we propose the crossover theme as a 1 year anniversary blowout? Or should we pick from a list of themes and make a poll?

A poll seems good, especially if we advertise it on the photoshop discussions. We really need to involve the ‘Shoppers. Anyone know any of them? Should someone just make a post to Fark and let that process work it out? I’d be happy to make that post, but as a ‘liter, I can’t really participate in the discussion past that (and no, this isn’t a sponsorship whoring). Maybe we could drive the ‘Shoppers to these forums for a discussion?

Edit – I just submitted a Fark link to this discussion. Can some of you TFers fill in details on TotalFark? (Link ID = 1943659)

I think we should pick either concurrent or sequential.

I think sequential would be easier for all involved. Concurrent could come later.

A potential sequential theme could be “Photoshopper Friendly” – post three photos that would lend themselves to ‘Shopping. With something like that, a votes could really matter as ‘Shoppers voted on what they’d like to tear into. Re-entries from past contests should be enabled, I think, but that’s just me. We could spin the contest as Farktography’s present to Fark for a successful first year.