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How many of you would be interested in a new photography contest site? There would be a submission deadline, noone sees submissions until the deadline, and then there would be a defined voting period. Also a comment section for each individual submission without having to search the entire thread for them.

I’d like to also include a way for votes collected to be used in “purchasing” various items, like flash cards or the like. I would need to work out the way to make sure that there isn’t vote abuse and verify that submitters are the actual photographers/copyright holders of the images submitted.

Let me know what everyone thinks. I’m open to all suggestions.

SID aka CuddleButt

I’d be willing to check it out, but it will be hit and miss for me from now until the end of August. The hubby works at sea, 40 on and 40 off year round, but he gets home in a couple of hours so let the 40 off begin!