Re: Re: Voting?


Does anyone know if the pre-Lite voting remains, or if the voting slate is wiped clean when the thread moves over?

Just curious…

The votes stay, but I gave up on voting early and now I wait until the next day. It’s a lot easier than going back over and over the thread.

Yay Monkeybort, you were in first the last time I checked. Have a safe trip home.

Veruca, those are some damn funny signs. I went to a pretty wild party on River Rd. way back in the day, so I can say without a doubt that the Don’t Drug and Drive sign is well placed. And 9.99 for self esteem? I’ll take two. 😉

I tried to comment on your Pbase idle_hands, but I don’t have a paid account… yet. Those stop signs are hilarious.

bort! bort! bort! 😀

Thanks GalleyWench. My girlfriend came out a couple of summers ago and demanded that I pull around and take a picture of that sign. I was all whatever at the time but it makes me laugh now.

And your doorstop? I demand to know what the 4th little person is doing there! No…choking? Haha.

This week’s contest made me laugh like no other.