Re: various thoughts


re time: a consistent time would be nice. personally i’d like to see it be 8 for TF and maybe 2 hours later for fark lite. or maybe 7 eastern for TF and 9 for regular. in any case a small head start for the TF folk.

re new contest(s): two a week should split the week which means a weekend contest. doubt it would get much play. or move this one to tuesday and the other on friday. still a slow day. or monday – thursday? if the contests are different enough it might work. such as the three for one and one entry for the other. since i have had crap luck shooting for the contest as opposed to rooting in my hard drive …. rather root.

re completely new contest: no disrespect but my first response was it sounded like worth1k for photos. if that’s it i’ll pass. despite the off topic, snapshot quality of some of the entries, overall this current contest is really great due in part to the wide level of the posters and their submissions. besides if we make it too technical folks just won’t play. notice how few entries now have the camera/lens/settings data.