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    [title edit; only got the tilt, no shifty.]

    Left the house at 5am to go play. Took 300 pictures and I like nearly 1/2 of them. I’d say it’s a success! Can’t wait to find some crowds (other then Tempe on a Saturday night–eeash!!) Here’s a few of my favorites. All of these look SO much better embiggened. But I didn’t want this to take all day to load, so I ‘saved for web’ via Irfanview at 90%, and went within farktography guidelines for sizing.

    Constructive criticism more than welcome–but be gentle–it’s my first tilt lens.


    Tovrea Castle in east Phoenix. Probably the crappiest pic of the bunch. But it’s across the street from me. I’ll do better next time.

    Tempe Town Lake at night, Mill Ave Bridge. As you can see, it’s full of water again. You should see the large version. I love this.

    Another view:

    A view of the railroad crossing and a boat:

    The Hayden Flour Mill, shortly before sunrise:

    Tempe put up a tree this year:

    The Rabbit Fountain:

    This is a picture reflected through an office building across the street. I like the color variance:

    Rula Bula’s:

    The top of Hayden’s Flour Mill:

    What would a t/s gallery be without some sort of train shot? (or Metro rail–what-evar)

    Moving on to Papago Park, some guy:

    View of the lagoon from above:

    One of the advantages of my set-up is I can tilt in different directions. More or less the same shot, with a different axis of tilt:

    This one, at bigger res, is really sweet. Might show up in a contest one day:

    Papago Park is home to ‘The Hole in the Rock’, kind of a local landmark. Great place to see the valley from up high. This couple got there early, and I captured the male specimen courting the female with his camera:

    That’s it for now. Win? Fail? Draw?


    the office building was neat and the two different axis shots of the lagoon.

    tilt shift certainly has it’s place but IMO that last shot isn’t it. the top being out of focus distracts rather than adds to the shot. YMMV


    I liked the bridge shots earlier on, and the lagoon shots that Curious liked.

    I agree that the last shot didn’t really work if you were aiming for the miniature effect, though I am not sure why.
    On first glance, I didn’t really see any miniaturising. The bloke seems normal size to me.
    Anyway, these shots, and the “how to thread” you posted elsewhere, tell me that you have made a pretty nice tilt (or is it shift?) lens
    for a fraction the price of a proper one, so good job!
    I am tempted to give it a try myself–you may have started a T/S trend on Farktography.


    I actually like the last one a lot. Granted, it isn’t perhaps the ‘traditional’ miniaturization, but I think if you ignore the people and look at the rocks, it has a macro kind of feel, and then when the people are noticed, they seem smaller. But that’s just me. Appreciate the input, though.

    //I plan on ‘breaking rules’ when it comes to my tilting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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