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    I gotta say, I’m nowhere near on par with some of you guys–absolutely in awe. However, I have my moments, I like to think. Posting a few from this weekend, seeking suggestions for improvement or technique or *gasp* even praise, if it’s warranted.

    This is the 3300 Tower in downtown Phoenix. The clouds broke for just a bit.
    Too late for the reflections contest, or I’da used it.

    Not sure whether to use this for ‘streets’ contest or save it for ‘pan’. Help?

    There were about 8 skaters total; they saw me taking pics and yelled ‘hi’. One of them shouted at me that I’d want this shot (actually took two, and got their email to send them copies).

    A pan example; maybe use?

    same shot (taken right after) but holding camera still:

    Following are streets shots from yesterday. Opinions welcome.

    …and this is the one that I’d like to use for the pan contest but, while very cool, I feel would be cheating as it was me and the car in front of me moving in tandem, which isn’t really panning per se. But I do like.


    Figured out the pic icon. delete my b!tching.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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