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    Hello Farktographers. I just signed up for the forums here. My handle is Inaditch both here and over at TF.

    I’m not a photographer myself, but I’m here to pitch an art project idea I had. Actually, I’m going to be intentionally vague about the whole scope of the project for the moment, mainly because I haven’t got it all figured out just yet.

    However, I do have the first part of it down. I need a photograph. A good photograph. I have some specific ideas on what I want to start out with, but there’s still a lot of room for experimentation and artistic expression.

    There I go being vague again.

    My hope is to have a handful of good photos to choose from, although to start with I’ll only use one. I’ll need the photographer to grant me rights to render the image in another medium. He or she will get full credit for the image, of course.

    I’m hoping I can get the end result of this project in a gallery or art walk or something. The tiny little town I live in has a booming art community that belies it’s size. If this first pass works out like I hope it does, I could turn this into a series of works of art.

    Anyway, I basically want to gauge interest and see if the Farktography community would be a good avenue to get this project rolling. I could see doing this as an official Farktography contest, or if some people wanted we could do this on the side.

    Again, I apologize for being vague and mysterious. If this sounds like something that interests the community or some of you personally, message me here or email me. I’ll break out with some more details if there is some serious interest.

    Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.



    You’re welcome to use any of my stuff; though I’m not sure any of it actually qualifies as “good”. Here’s a link to my flickr page where all this stuff can be found:

    Fair warning, there’s a bunch of random shit in there along with the somewhat artistic stuff. Don’t get distracted by the photos of me, or my friends, totally drunk. 🙂


    Another decent place to find thumbnails of all of the Farktography entries is the Farktography Statistics Manager.

    You can browse by theme and even look at Farktographer portfolios.


    I’m game if not good.


    For that matter, Flickr’s a veritable smorgasboard of pcitures to search through, particularly since most folks tag their pics and categorize them for you. You can search by pictures specifically in the Creative Commons licensing realm, which would give you licensing from the get-go if the specific picture allows for derivative works. Just pay attention to the individual licenses since some allow commercial work, some don’t, some don’t allow derivative works, some do. I’ve gotten photoshop’able pictures from Flickr the few times I’ve participated in PS contests. Just a thought.


    sounds interesting – email me if you’re interested in any of my work.

    my website and farktog entries.


    Thank you for the suggestions, and especially those of you who have offered your work. I’ll look through the galleries and see if something catches my eye, then contact the photographer.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I should know not to tackle another project right now.



    You can check out my website,
    You can email me with a request for any specific photo to:
    at in a circle


    I’m game if not good.

    Yet again your way with words is perfect. Pretty much what I was gonna say but not as cleverly.

    I am also in . For what thats worth. my flickr pages

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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