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    Well, I’ve just about outgrown my second bag (Tamrac Adventure Messenger 4), and I’ve started looking around for something similar, or possibly a backpack.

    I took a look at the Crumplers, but they seem a bit pricey for me, I’d rather pay a similar amount of money for a PJ bag from Tamrac or Lowepro.

    My current load is as follows:

    18-55 kit
    70-300 tele
    50mm 1.8 prime
    Creative Zen Vision: M
    Sandisk Card Reader
    Nikon EN/EL3 charger
    Lens tissue & cleaner.

    I’ll likely be adding an SB-600 and a 10.5mm fisheye in the next month or so.

    Any recommendations, what are y’all using?


    I’m using a Lowepro backpack I got years ago and I’m also outgrowing it.
    Now that I look at the new Lowepro’s though, I will totally get one of those.

    Just in case anyone wants an extra case, I have the other small one that I totally outgrew for free. Small hand case with enough room for a couple of lenses and the camera.

    Free free free!

    Edit: Free Camera bag is gone. Thanks for playing!


    Kata R-102 backpack. Modular system, but I don’t have any modules (except for the included tripod holster). They even have a “bag chooser” – enter your kit and find the bag.


    Our bag is from Ritz camera, brand is Quantaray and I think it cost about $60. Holds two bodies with lenses, two additional lenses, the desk tripod, the SB600 in its pouch, plus spare batteries, CF cards, card reader, and other related crap.

    I think it’s like this, though they don’t show a pic of the interior which seems kinda wacky.


    My big bag is a Tamrac expedition 5, present from Hubby. It carries close to everything in the world. It has the square footage for two bodies + lenses, but the little adjustable velcro pads don’t lend themselves to it nicely, it’s really made for one body with a pretty long lens attached, plus fru. (Mine is an 80/210, but I can see someone easily carrying a body + 300mm lens in the bag, f’r instance)

    It has room for more than I use it for, which is usually a couple of extra lenses, my flash (SB-600, get the 800 if you can) CF cards, pouch of rechargeable AA’s (flash), the Kata raincoat, a poncho for ME, notepads, yadda yadda. You can also strap a tripod on the back, but that’s where I’m least thrilled with the bag. I feel like I belong in a bumper car arena when I have it cinched in. My tripod ends up floating over my head, where it can and does snag anything it can reach. You all who are oh, above 6’2″ maybe, might not notice this.

    The shoulder pads and panel facing your back are padded, that’s huge. It has decent attachment points to let you carry water bottle/snack and double up as a day hiking backpack, for going out in the bush to shoot, when I can’t quick go back to the car and get X, and it works fantastic for that. Also, it’s more weatherproof than the shoulder bags I’ve used. So if I’m trudging around carrying lots of stuff, I don’t get as tired carrying the gear.

    Given this can be amazing overkill, when I want to go lighter, I suppose could use an older shoulder bag. But if I don’t need all that stuff, I’m more likely to just toss a flash, lens, and a couple batteries/cards into a photo vest, and just wear my stuff in my pocketses.


    I just use a normal backpack and some padding. 🙁

    At least I know it’s waterproof though, and has squillions of pockets, and I can fit all my food in there without worrying it will leak onto the camera because it’s also waterproof between pockets. ‘Spose I could buy some foam and make properly fitted inserts for the gear to go into the backpack, but the lenses and camera have their own cases anyhoo.

    Plus, if I buy a shiny camera backpack, I’ll have less for the 10-22mm lens! 😀


    Plus, if I buy a shiny camera backpack, I’ll have less for the 10-22mm lens! 😀

    Oh God, I’ve started an epidemic. Canon should give me a commission.


    Plus, if I buy a shiny camera backpack, I’ll have less for the 10-22mm lens! 😀

    Oh God, I’ve started an epidemic. Canon should give me a commission.

    Bah. I’m looking for a bag that’ll hold four lightstands, a few SB-800s, a couple of umbrellas, folding softbox…

    Oh, and a Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8, and a Tamron 14mm f/2.8 rectilinear wide-angle… and a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR… and a bag to hold all of those, too…


    I need to win the lottery or something. The 50mm f/1.8 is a really nice lens for the price, but my only other glass right now is the 18-135mm kit lens for the D80 and it’s been showing its weak points for a couple of weeks now.

    For a laptop, D80, SB-800, 50mm f/1.8, 18-135mm (on the camera), a couple of sets of batteries and assorted cables and stuff, I’ve been using a Lowepro CompuDayPack. It’s been working nicely, but I wouldn’t want to go hiking more than a couple of miles in it. The curvature where the shoulder strap joins the bag up at the top appears to have been designed with someone a bit smaller in mind, and my shoulders are just too broad for it.

    And they’re not adjustable at that point – the length of the shoulder strap is all that you can adjust.


    I’ve got a Canon bag that’s got room for one body with lens (prime or medium zoom) mounted, a couple other lenses and a flash. It also has pockets for memory cards, filters, lens wipes, batteries, etc. I usually have it in there with my Tamron 28-75 mounted, then my 580EX flash, and my Lensbaby 3G (which doesn’t fit well in there because it requires a special case that isn’t round) and my 75-300 or my 50mm, though that lens doesn’t see much use these days. For times I just want to take the camera without extra lenses, I have a holster type bag that fits the camera with a prime or medium size zoom mounted. It also has pockets for memory cards and batteries. It’s not a very protective bag (it’s a padded soft bag, not a hard case), though, so it’s really just for when I’m travelling light. Wish it had a place for my flash, but sometimes I just throw that in the diaper bag 😆

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