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    Took this photo on May 13th:

    Original here:

    After a bit of a crop and some brightness/contrast/shadows/highlights adjusting, it came out like this:

    Full size here:

    I had the circular polarizing filter on, f/10, 1/125 shutter speed, ISO 200, sunny day white balance.

    At first I was like “whoa.” I showed it to Husband after he came inside and he said that was one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken and it was fantastic. I’ve been visiting the National Geographic site and looking at the MyShot Daily Dozen and he thinks I should submit it to that. What do you guys think of the picture? I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks.[/img]


    The basic problem I see here is that the background is noticeably sharper than the subject. I think it’s pretty much motion blur, 1/125 was probably not fast enough to stop motion entirely. A wider aperture and faster shutter speed would have improved the results significantly, I think – the background would be softer and subject sharper.

    Contrarily, if you were going for a motion blur effect, the shutter speed should have been significantly longer to emphasize the motion more, and you would probably have been better off looking for a less detailed background to shoot against.


    I think the subject is really interesting and relatable but I actually think the original looks better than the edit because 1) it calls more attention to the busy background because the negative space in the sky was removed and 2) the tighter crop emphasizes the motion blur and 3) [from orionid] the dynamic range in the original actually draws more attention to the colors in the bubble.

    That said, your photography skills are definitely growing and it never hurts to enter your photographs in something like that contest because you never know what they might be looking for.


    I wasn’t necessarily going for motion blur. Husband was impressed because of the subtlety of the bubble. That’s why he liked it. I doubt I’ll be printing this one for the scrapbook. Thanks for the feedback, more or less confirms what I was thinking after reviewing the photo some more.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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