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    I’m making a calendar for my mom for Christmas using photos from the last year. I have narrowed these down as my favorites, and would welcome any input from all my fellow Farktographers as to which one’s to include. Please let me know what your favorite couple of photos are, and which month you’d reccomend them for.

    Nothing is set in stone, as of yet, but here are the photo/month combos I’m leaning towards.

    Jan – Snow/pine macro
    Feb – Candles
    Oct – Penn State Mascot
    Dec – Snowy path


    Nice shots!

    Can’t help you with placement but you definitely need to use the NYC shot.

    Way cool!


    Nice shots, my favorites are the barn with the rainbow maybe late summer/early fall, the new york shot maybe november since you seem to have more warm weather shots, the american flag maybe april or may since its windy in that shot, the 2 pink flowers pointing down for spring, the waterfall and turtle for summer, and the leaf for sometime in the fall.


    Thanks for the inputs, between you guys and a few other friends, here’s what I ended up deciding to go with:

    Front Cover: Black sand with rocks
    Jan: fresh snow on pine
    Feb: Red candle
    Mar: Purple flowers
    Apr: Dancing ladies (pink hanging flowers)
    may: Buffalo clover with bee
    jun: Black sand beach
    jul: Green sea turtle
    Aug: North shore summer
    Sep: Barn w/ rainbow
    Oct: orange leaf
    Nov: NYC Fisheye
    Dec: Snowy path

    Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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