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    We had a great monsoon this evening, with lots of lightning, none of which I captured. As I recall, unless I’m shooting in RAW, I should be able to take a long-exposure JPG and practically immediately after take another.

    I started in RAW, but after missing two good pics while the camera took it’s dark frame, I switched to JPG mode. But the damned camera still took the same amount of time to process as it took for the shot–and I missed four more what-would-have-been-good-lightning-shots, before I got fed up and came home. And toying with it indoors, I cannot for the life of me get it to take these shots without the dark-frame delay time.

    Yet I know damned well that, just last week, I was taking 15 second exposures, one after another, trying to get the perseid meteor shots (which also all sucked balls, but that’s another beef).

    Did my camera hose, or am I forgetting something important here?

    I’m truly miffed. A couple of them bolts would have made shots to make caradoc lightning-green with envy.


    It sounds to me like you turned on the noise reduction option. I could very well be wrong though


    I’m going with lokisbong on this one. With noise reduction on, my Olympus takes the same amount of time to process the shot as the length of exposure. I am guessing your Canon is no different.


    You appear to be correct. Lesson learned. Too late to capture the lightning, though. But I will certainly remember this. And I’ll send a very dark cloud of gloom over to the manufacturers of Canon, in my dreams.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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