Canonites rejoice! New Canon EOS-M mirrorless announced.

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    I’m guessing some of you have already heard about this, but in case you haven’t, I recently got a B&H newsletter with the announcement that Canon’s coming out with a mirrorless interchangable-lens camera to be available in limited quantities on Oct 15:

    Some of its features include:

    • 18 MPx APS-C sensor and DIGIC 5 processor
    • 3-inch LCD with 1040K-dot resolution and multi-touch support
    • HD movie capture
    • ISO up to 25600

    And here’s the best part: with an optional adapter, it can use both EF and EF-S lenses. The downside? As is typical of Canon, they’re mighty proud of their stuff – camera body with 22mm f/2 kit lens is $799 and the EF/EF-S adapter is another $199. Still, as Arte Johnson used to say, “Verrrry interesting…”


    I have zero interest in mirrorless cameras, I’ve been using a viewfind for 25 years and not looking into a square hole on back (or on top) of a camera is not something I can train myself to do. Using the screen on the back means moving the camera forward from my eye and changing how I frame a shot, I will stick with my DSLRs.


    I agree with most of that, ennui, except for the part about zero interest. Would I ever entirely replace my DSLR with a mirrorless? Oh heck no. But, I’ve got a G12 P&S I carry to places where I either can’t or don’t want to take my DSLR and I think it’d be really awesome to be able to use the lenses I already own with a smaller body in some situations. I still couldn’t take it into concerts, though (well, maybe with a small pancake lens), which is the main reason I got the P&S.

    It’s all moot for me anyway as with my recent upgrade, I’ll be buying new camera equipment anytime soon over my own dead body (as facilitated by my wife)!


    October 15. That’s funny. At least it gives Canon a few weeks to miss their release date by and still be in stores by X-mas.

    I like the fact that there will be an EF and EF-S optic free adapter so Canonites already well invested in gear won’t feel obsolete. And on Canon’s side, it allows them to reach an entire new market segment with products they already have. Give the market a few months, and you’ll see cheap useful fair-to-good quality EF-M to EF adapters available. (I could reverse engineer the thing myself.) And with the new mount, I suspect Canon will offer an eye-level digital view finder in a subsequent model.

    On a related note, the new 40mm stepper motor lens looks interesting as well. It would be a nice addition to my 28/1.8 and 50/1.4. I’m not loving the f/2.8, but the $200 price is awesome. I shot a lot (for me) of video at Yellowstone and Grand Teton.


    If you want to do more reading about this the user manual is now available for download.


    I think it points out my geek obsession with astrophotos that my first thought was “No shutter smack”, followed by this being a very lightweight alternative to a DSLR for mounting to a scope…


    I think it only has a trailing-curtain-shutter from technical reviews I’ve read. But certainly no need for mirror-lock-up with this baby. Plus the shorter flange to sensor distance gives more flexibility in mounting lenses that Goddess and Canon never intended for Eos cameras. (FD here we come?)

    My main purpose for reading the manual was one review implied that there were no P, Tv, Av, or M modes on this one, however after a brief 2 hour skimming of the manual, that is obviously false. The touch screen controls all that, while the digital Rebel hardware with its multi-position mode switch belies its pre-DSLR and pre-touch-screen ancestry.

    The Eos M can do everything a T4i can do (as much as I know about the T4i), and certainly more than my T2i.
    Multi-exposure HDR and low-light photography, and also improved auto-focus during filming with STM lenses.


    She-at. So much for my rotating-time-off savings account. Did I mention I love pancakes? (lenses, at least)

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